"We are grateful to so many people who have helped us along the way. Thank you. We wish you success, health, and happiness. Let us hope and work for a better world!"

Research Project Spotlight
2019-10-08 to 2019-11-27
Create a mobile-friendly Android mobile app for participants of the annual Space Apps Ottawa hackathon (which we help sponsor and organize).

McNeese State University

CSCI409 – Introduction to Mobile Application Development

CC7 - Extract guidance and actions from Climate Change documents using Machine Learning

2019-09-01 to 2019-12-15

Using machine learning, extract actionable climate change tasks and guidance from published PDF files.

University of Toronto

SCS-3253 – Machine Learning

Climate Change Problem-Solution Research

November 2019 to July 2020

We set out to investigate if there is a need for a solution that gives citizens personalized help preparing for and recovering from climate change impacts and lets trusted authorities assist them and track the results.

CC10 - Canadian Market Opportunity and Business Model Analysis for a Climate Change Impact Content Portal

2019-09-16 to 2020-01-31
Investigate the Canadian market opportunity and business model for a potential new product offering: a content aggregator portal related to climate-change.

Queen's University

MMIE 808 – Industry & Market Research & Analysis

CC12 - Gamification Study and Recommendations for Climate Change Impact Software

2020-01-13 to 2020-03-22

Design a gamification model to encourage citizens to take action to prepare for, avoid, mitigate, and recover from climate change impacts.

Capella University

IT4990 – Capstone Winter

CC14 - Prototype search application to index climate-change and environmental websites using structured metadata, and display the results

2020-01-08 to 2020-05-02
Build a prototype website/search engine to help us index climate change and environmental websites and company information for a new climate change impact software product we are designing.

Arizona State University

Master’s Software Engineering Capstone