SAO2 - Design and build a new Android mobile app for participants of the annual Space Apps Ottawa hackathon

Project start and end dates:
2019-10-08 to 2019-11-27

Goals & Objectives
Create a mobile-friendly Android mobile app for participants of the annual Space Apps Ottawa hackathon (which we help sponsor and organize). Use your skills and creativity to design and build the Android app. We can’t wait to see what you come up with! Your work will be put to immediate use in this year’s Space Apps hackathon in Ottawa, and possibly by some of our sister cities in the future! The mobile app will be released under the open source Apache 2 license which enables others (including yourselves) to use it for any purpose, with attribution. You will be able to showcase this app in your portfolio should you wish.
Project Outcome

McNeese students produced a mobile app for our annual Space Apps Ottawa hackathon event. This app dynamically loads event information from a section our website and will improve our participants’ hackathon experience greatly. The McNeese class and their professor Bei Xie did a tremendous job identifying and exploring the requirements, and produced the app in multiple iterations that allowed me to provide regular input while continuously progressing the development. Working with them was a smooth and professional process, and we hope they are justifiably proud of their great work, which does them credit!


We would like to thank Deependra PC, Binayak Yadav,Sagar Pandeya,Prawal Pokharel, Prabin Shrestha, Hailey Hanson, Christian Reynolds , and the other students and teaching staff of CSCI409 – Introduction to Mobile Application Development  course. *

* For privacy reasons, we only list people who gave us permission to do so. Did you contribute to this project? Contact us to be added!

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Academic Institution

McNeese State University

Lake Charles, LA , United State 

McNeese State University is a public university in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Founded in 1939 as Lake Charles Junior College, it was renamed McNeese Junior College after John McNeese, an early local educator. The present name was adopted in 1970. 

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