CC2 - Continuous Integration/Continuous Development (CI/CD) recommendations for building a new Web Application

Project start and end dates:
2019-07-08 to 2019-12-05

Goals & Objectives
We wish to determine the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment processes and tool(s) we should use to support the development & deployment of a new web application. We need your help to research and explore, and finally recommend how we should implement CI/CD.
Project Outcome
The Capella students helped us determine the Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment processes and tools we should use to support the development & deployment of a new web application. They helped to research and explore, recommend, and finally implement a basic CI/CD pipeline prototype. They demonstrated enthusiasm, technical and devops research skills, creativity and insight throughout the project, and the quality of their work was evident in the working Jenkins pipeline prototype they created as well as their various recommendations and configuration documents. Overall, their contribution was of real value, and the Jenkins deployment was put to use immediately.


We would like to thank Delvin Dowell, Cameron Schumacher, Teever Brannon, and the other students and teaching staff of IT 4990 Capstone course. *

* For privacy reasons, we only list people who gave us permission to do so. Did you contribute to this project? Contact us to be added!

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Academic Institution

Capella University

Online (Minneapolis, MN, United States) 

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